Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getting Back in the Groove!!

I'm finally starting to feel a lot better after catching a cold last Wednesday (1/4/12).  I made it to the gym on Monday and Wednesday and did a light easy jog on Tuesday.  Today I hit the park for a very nice run.  3.2 miles total, .9 walking and 2.3 running.  The longest stretch of run was .6 miles, so it seems my endurance is building, albeit very slowly, but that's ok.

I had been pushing very hard both with the strength training and treadmill, and I think I was burning myself out.  I am reassessing, again, how my training should go.  Instead of going to the gym two days in a row, then taking an off day, I am going to strength train one day on, one day off, giving my tired old muscles more time to recuperate.  I am also going to ease up on the treadmill and run outside everyday that I am off from the gym.

Being able to run outside, in the warm sunshine, in January, is a treat that I should not take lightly.  I spent too many winter days bundling up in layers, putting on 3 pairs of socks with plastic bags in between the pairs to keep my feet warm and dry in the snow.  I came home with icicles hanging from my moustache from my breath freezing on my face many many times, and now, to run on the beach in the middle of winter is a joy that I must embrace.

My weight has been consistently below 180# and I'm eating a very healthy diet right now so I expect the pounds to keep rolling off.

The sniffles are almost all gone, I've got a new plan for the gym and for my running training and I'm getting back in the groove for this wonderful new year.

164# and 10k race, you are in my crosshairs!!

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