Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just Got Back From the Gym.

I have split my strength training workouts into two routines.  I work on back, biceps and legs one workout, and chest, triceps and shoulders the next.  I involve core training every workout, doing the Hammer Strength Ab Machine, Leg Raises and Roman Chair Back Extensions each time I'm at the gym.

I am experimenting, trying to find out which exercises, on which machines or with free weights, cause the least amount of stress on the torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder.  I still have almost complete range of motion, but it has been aching more than usual and I'm not sure if its from strength training, the motion from running, or just from the repetitive motion involved in mixing cocktails at work.

Today, I found that the Hammer Strength Pull Down Machine works my lats and biceps pretty well with, so far, no perceived stress on the shoulder, so I've added that to my back workout, along with Hammer Strength Low Rows, and Low Rows on the Icarian Machine.  I'm doing 2 to 3 sets on each, thereby working my back and lats from different angles.

I used to prefer free weights over using machines but have found that the ease and speed of the machines is a bonus since I want to cut down on the time spent in the gym.

I have also thrown some extra bicep work into the mix after having stopped doing it, again, because of the stress on the shoulder.  I have found that both the Hammer Strength and the Icarian Bicep Machines isolate the bicep to the point where the shoulder is not involved.

In order to try to strengthen the legs I am also doing Hammer Strength Machine Squats and Icarian Leg Presses.  I have found that I need to be careful strength training the legs because overdoing it definitely hinders my ability to improve my running.  I've cut back on the weight for both of these exercises and only do two sets on each.

So, here was my routine for today:

Warm up shoulder with light weight doing rotator cuff exercises I learned from physical therapist.

H.S. Pull Downs..........50 x 12 - 12 & 60 x 12

H.S. Low Row.............90 x 12 & 105 x 10

Icarian Low Row.......100 x 12 - 12

Squats........................160 x 12 & 200 x 12

Leg Press...................230 x 12 & 270 x 10

H.S. Ab ........................20 x 40 - 30 - 30

Leg Raises.....................15 - 15

Roman Chair Ext..........30

H.S. Curl,......................30 x 12 - 12

Icarian Curl..................40 x 12 - 12

I've begun using to track my runs and the progress that I'm making.  I downloaded the ap to my cell phone and I no longer have to plot out courses with online maps, I just turn on runkeeper when I head out the door and it tells me distance and time as I cruise along any path I choose to take. 

It completely frees me up to run any route I desire and still know how far I've run no matter where I turn.
It's time for an update!!

When I started my new routine there were three goals.  To drop from 190# down to 164# by March 1st.  To get back into running and be able to run a 10k race by summer/fall of 2012, and to get to the gym and basically tone up a tired, old body that is beginning to show its age.

I came up short on the first goal, but I am down to 173# so I'm not entirely disappointed with the result.  I'm eating a pretty healthy diet with only occassional slips into pizza pigouts and too much wine or rum, and I know that if I can limit those little binges I can continue to lose the pounds I want to.  I've extended my time period to reach 164# to April 6th.  Ten pounds in 4 weeks is aggressive, but gives me something to shoot for.

I have hit the gym anywhere from 3 to 4 times a week, only slacking off a bit in the last two weeks.  My shoulder is aching almost constantly lately.  I'm hoping that I'm not aggravating my torn rotator cuff even more.  I still have full range of motion, but the ache has me worried,  I'm not sure if the pain stems from overuse in the gym, from the constant twisting motion of pouring alcohol and mixing drinks at work, or maybe from the swing of my arm as I add mileage to my runs.

That brings me to my third goal, the 10k.  I have made good improvements in my mileage although my speed has not improved.  I know I am not the runner I used to be, but when I'm running I can't help having my mind drift back to when I could do a four miler in under 32 minutes without even breathing hard, and I envision crossing the finish line of the 1994 Pittsburgh Marathon in 3:44, my proudest moment as a runner. 

I know though that I have to build my base mileage up to a solid 25 to 30 miles a week before I start worrying about how fast I'm going, but I'm impatient and merely want what I used to have!! 

All in all, I'm happy with my progress, I'm excited about continuing my diet and fitness routines, and I can't wait to get to the point where I can run 6 miles, non stop, in under one hour.  Then I'll be ready for that 10k race!

I also plan on writing more posts here.  I'm going to open up about everything that affects my running, my fitness, and perhaps just my life in general.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getting Back in the Groove!!

I'm finally starting to feel a lot better after catching a cold last Wednesday (1/4/12).  I made it to the gym on Monday and Wednesday and did a light easy jog on Tuesday.  Today I hit the park for a very nice run.  3.2 miles total, .9 walking and 2.3 running.  The longest stretch of run was .6 miles, so it seems my endurance is building, albeit very slowly, but that's ok.

I had been pushing very hard both with the strength training and treadmill, and I think I was burning myself out.  I am reassessing, again, how my training should go.  Instead of going to the gym two days in a row, then taking an off day, I am going to strength train one day on, one day off, giving my tired old muscles more time to recuperate.  I am also going to ease up on the treadmill and run outside everyday that I am off from the gym.

Being able to run outside, in the warm sunshine, in January, is a treat that I should not take lightly.  I spent too many winter days bundling up in layers, putting on 3 pairs of socks with plastic bags in between the pairs to keep my feet warm and dry in the snow.  I came home with icicles hanging from my moustache from my breath freezing on my face many many times, and now, to run on the beach in the middle of winter is a joy that I must embrace.

My weight has been consistently below 180# and I'm eating a very healthy diet right now so I expect the pounds to keep rolling off.

The sniffles are almost all gone, I've got a new plan for the gym and for my running training and I'm getting back in the groove for this wonderful new year.

164# and 10k race, you are in my crosshairs!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Official One Month Progress

I backslid just a little over the weekend because of New Years Eve and the STEELER game on Sunday, but I knew that would be the case, no big deal.

On the Lifestyle computer my initial numbers were:
192# 29.7 BMI 20.36% body fat, RHR 61 and BP 120/83
Numbers today are
186# 28.8 BMI 19.56% body fat, RHR 53 and BP 116/69

These numbers were all actually lower last week, but again, I knew I was screwing up this weekend and it doesn't matter, everybody needs a little celebration now and then.

Looking forward I had planned to revamp my routines for the coming month and I will, but not in the way I had been thinking.  Realizing that my main goal is to lose body fat and gain cardiovascular fitness I am going to ease up on the strength training and concentrate more on running.

First off, I getting away from the free weights and barbell routine and am going to focus on dumbbells and even more on all of the machines that the gym has to offer.  They are easier to use and make the workout go faster.

I am going to go from higher weights and lower reps, to lower weights and higher reps in order to stay toned, while not pushing to build muscle.  That type of routine is beginning to bother my rotator cuff, and I do not want to damage it any further.  I am going to get my strength workouts down to a max of thirty minutes each session from the 45 to 60 minutes that I have been spending on them.

I will also ramp up my treadmill time, and more importantly, my outdoor running time.  I have been doing a 35 minute treadmill routine most days with one workout per week at 45 minutes.  That will now be 45 minutes most days with a 60 workout once per week.  I will also throw in 2 days of running outside trying to build my stamina from a .5 mile constant run to a 3 mile run. 

The next month will be a challenge, but I am looking forward to it.  I can't forget the long range goal, 164# and a 10k race with my children.

Come on 2012, I'm ready for you!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Unofficial 4 Week Results

I've finished 4 full weeks of training now since joining Lifestyle Fitness.  Oh, I had been training at home on my Smith Machine, and pedaling to the beach and running a little since September, after visiting my son and brother in Pennsylvania.  My son Joey works out regularly at the gym and my brother still pounds away on the iron in his basement.  He's still one strong MF'r even at his age.

But I got more serious about my training after visiting my daughter in Dallas during Thanksgiving.  She runs or goes to the gym almost every day.  It seems like everyone in the family was making real efforts to stay fit, while I was sitting on my fat ass watching TV.  The last four weeks have changed that.

Three gym visits in each of the first two weeks, which was during Bonefish training and the first week of working there, then 4 gym visits in each of the next two weeks.  Not a bad start.  Besides doing strength training on all of those visits, I also hit the treadmill on each visit except the last.  I went to the beach instead, and ran the park loop after that last strength workout.

I've done as I said I would do, working legs, back, biceps and abs on one day, then chest, shoulders, triceps and abs the other day.  Unofficially, on my home scale, I have gone from 188 pounds, down to 179 pounds in the 4 weeks, and I can see and I definitely feel the difference working out is making.  I feel more toned and leaner, and I think I even have a little more energy.  I'll get on the Lifestyle machine on Sunday to get my "official" statistics as far as weight, BMI, and Body Fat and report on the changes over the first month.

The problem I face is that the running is not coming along as quickly as the strength training is.  But I think the reason I feel that way is because of the way I used to run, and the memory I have of how it felt.  As I slog along now, I dream of how easy it used to be to just coast along, breathing easy, enjoying my surroundings, and mostly just setting my mind free as I cruised along, mile after mile, and I long for that feeling again.

I did do better on my run at the park today than I had been doing before.  My first loop, divided into tenths of a mile, was W R W R W R R, the second loop went W R W R W R R and then I just kept running R R R R W R R.  So I finished with .7 miles walking and 1.4 miles running with a full .6 mile run worked into the middle.  It's the most distance I've run straight through in long time, and as a bonus, my legs no longer felt like blocks of cement.  They were strong, and ready to run, but it's the cardiovascular fitness that is lagging behind, I still get winded too easily, and gasp for breath.  I realize that it took a long time to get this far out of condition and it's going to take a lot longer than one month to get back into condition.

The plan for the next 4 weeks is much the same, strength training four times a week, with cardio either on the treadmill, or outside on those same days.  I'd like to throw in more outside running also, but I've got to be careful not to overtrain, it's easy to give yourself upper respiratory infections if you overdo it too much.

I'm going to change up the strength training just so the muscles don't fall into a rut from the same routine.  I'll still work the same muscle groups together, but I'm going to switch up most of the exercises and attack the muscles from different angles on different machines and using different free weight exercises.  That will also keep me from getting stale and keep my interest up.

It's going to be a great New Year and I look forward to hitting my goal of weighing in at 164# by the end of February, and running a 10k race with my kids sometime this coming summer or fall. 


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas present

Santa Claus came to my house yesterday in the form of the UPS man.  Jenna bought me a pair of Asics GT-2160's.  According to Runnersworld Magazine, they are the best running shoe in the world.

In spite of my desire to avoid the treadmill and run outside for my cardio workouts, since joining the gym I have done nothing but run on the treadmill.  Oh, I pedal my bike to Lifestyle, but that's just meant to be a little warm up, cool down.

Today that changed and I drove, yea, drove, to the park for a short run.  Usually I do pedal but it is a very windy day, and since I have to work tonight, I didn't want to over do it.

Anyway, I got to the park with my new "Best Shoe in the World" on and began my run.  They make my feet feel like they are surrounded, upper and lower, by pillows.  They are very light weight, and they have great cushioning while at the same time allowing me to feel my foot strike on the pavement.  My last three pairs of Nike's have not felt nearly this good and if these Asics hold up for three or four months, I may be converted.

I start with a brisk walk.  The loop around the park has markings every .10 miles and I do 4/10's before starting my run.  I have to admit, it's not really a run, but more of a slow jog.  I do 2/10's then slow to a walk again.  I am not yet at the point where I can go more than a quarter to a half mile without huffing and puffing.  In all for the workout I run 1.2 miles with .6 total miles of walking breaks.  Not too bad for the first outdoor running in almost a month.

The running I had been doing since September was becoming a bummer and had been bringing me down.  I could actually feel the extra layer of fat around my midsection and around my chest bouncing and jiggling as I ran.  Today I didn't notice that, well, not as much anyway.  Strength training and a better diet has me feeling good again.

I know that in time I will be able to break through that wall of huffing and puffing that slows me to a walk after a quarter mile or so.  I just need to stay persistent and break through that imaginary wall.  I know from experience that it's just a matter of time before I will work through that huffing and puffing, my breathing and heart rate will settle into a groove, and I'll be able to coast along at a natural pace that will carry me on for miles and miles.

It will just take a little Patience, a lot of commitment, dedication, and consistency to get there.  I have all four!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Disappointing Workout?

I hit the gym this morning but had a disappointing workout.  It was a Chest/Shoulder/Triceps day, and I just didn't seem to have the strength that I would like.  The Bench Press was a struggle.  I know, I know, the trainer said not to do benches just yet, but hell, as soon as you mention to any guy that you've started lifting weights the first question is always, "oh yea, whadaya bench?"  I had been working on the bench pretty well before joining Lifestyle, lifting at home on my Smith Machine.  At the gym though, maybe it's the atmosphere, maybe it's lifting alone without a spotter, but I just seemed to lack explosiveness. 

It couldn't have been the Pizza and Chicken Strip party I threw for myself last night while watching the Steelers get their asses handed to them, could it?  And it certainly could not have been my beloved Zaya Rum that brought me down!  No, that's just crazy talk.  Zaya is my friend!  The next couple of days will be the test to see if my "shock the system" with more food pays off.  I weighed just a little more this morning, but that was to be expected.  Tomorrow and Thursday will be the real proof, or disproof, of my theory.  We shall see.

Maybe it's because I have lost almost 10 pounds in only two weeks.  I could be losing a little strength while the pounds are coming off, but that's okay because the ultimate goal isn't to get bigger and stronger, although strong isn't a bad thing, but the goal is to get leaner and more fit for running, my favorite fitness exercise.  The human body was just made to run.  Just look at children soon after learning how to walk.  Do they walk?  Not the ones I've seen.  They run!  Those little legs just can't get moving fast enough for them.  Running is a beautiful thing.  I watch people either on the treadmills in the gym, or out on the roads, and it truly is a wonderful sight to see the body in motion, doing what comes so naturally.

Looking at my training log now, it seems that the bench was really the only thing that I struggled with today.  I hit the Hammer Strength machines for chest and shoulders at about the same levels or even higher than my previous workouts were, and I did a good job with the close grip benches and machines for my triceps workout.  I even added a few reps on the dreaded abdominal machine, my very least favorite exercise, probably because it's the one I need the MOST!

I then did a very good 45 minute treadmill workout, doing 5 min. by 2.5 min. intervals between walking and running.  It worked up a good sweat and elevated my heartrate between fat burning and cardio levels.

So, all in all, as I said in the beginning of this entry, I had a GREAT workout today!!  I got to the gym, I did my full workout including an increase in my cardio workout, and I feel really good right now.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Rewarding myself tonight!!!

Two weeks of working out now, and although I'm not getting to Lifestyle as often as I would like, it appears that I'm dropping pounds at a pretty good rate.  In addition, I'm feeling that my muscles are beginning to feel some tone again.

 I get on the scale at the gym once a week.  Today I was at 185 pounds, thats a loss of 7 pounds over the first two weeks, and my body fat percentage went from 20.36% down to 19.77%, so I'm feeling pretty good about those kind of results, in spite of not doing as many workouts as I had planned.  I think that the stress from training at the Bonefish has contributed to my weight loss (more about that in my Things I Think, I Think blog.)

So, tonight, with the night off, the STEELER game on and feeling a bit of satifaction at my progress, I'm celebrating with Rum, Pizza and Chicken Strips.

Zaya is my favorite rum, a delicious 12 year old reserve from Trinidad. 

The pizza is Papa Johns, it's not Frank's, but what the hell, it's not too bad, and they deliver right to the door!! 

I've always believed that when you are on any kind of diet, if you stay with it for a few weeks, your body starts to adapt to the new intake you are feeding it and you tend to hit a plateau.  My cure for that is to shock the system every two weeks or so with a pigout that resembles your old eating habits.  For me, that is definately pizza, chicken and rum, with the emphasis on the rum.

I'v been holding steady at right around 2000 calories every day for the last two weeks.  The breakdown works out to about 60% carbohydrates, 20% protein, and 15% fat.  Yea, yea that only works out to 95%, I know, but there has been a little wine thrown in there on a few nights, so I get about 5% from alcohol that I'm not proud of, but it sure feels good!

Tonight I've maxed out closer to 3000 so we'll if my theory really works or not. 

I'm going to try to pick up the pace and get in 4 workouts this week, with a little more biking or running on the beach.  But in any case, again, I'm quite happy with the progress I've made to date, I've just got to stay consistant and keep it going.

Monday, December 12, 2011

One Week Gym Recap

I did not achieve all I had hoped to in my first week, but I really didn't miss my goals by much.  I had wanted to do strength workouts four days, and to get some type of cardio workout in six days.  I managed to get to the gym three days, pedaling my bicycle over one day, driving the other two. 

On Sunday the 4th, I worked on back exercises, as the trainer had said I needed balance between my back and chest, and that my back needed more work.  Seated Rows, Hammer Strength Isolated Low Rows and Standing Cable Rows will be the back workout that I do over the first four weeks of training. 

For Legs, I did the Hammer Strength Front Squats, and Hammer Strength Leg Press.  I don't usually like to do leg exercises as I feel the overuse will hurt my running efforts, but at this point, at my age, and with how out of shape I feel I have become, I'm working all major muscle groups to bring them back to life.

I finished up the strength training part of my workout with Hammer Strength Bicep Curls and Curls using a free weight curl bar.  I then hit the Hammer Strength Ab machine to do crunches and I've got to admit, my gut muscles are the weakest in my body.  They are going to get worked out every time I'm at the gym, this beer belly has got to go!

Cardio was done this day with 30 minutes on the treadmill doing intervals between fat burning effort and more high intensity cardio effort. 

Monday was my chest, shoulder and tricep day.  Hammer Strength Bench Presses and Cable Chest Pressses.  I wanted badly to hit a bench and do some free weight barbell bench presses, but the suggestion from Tania is that I lay off of those for just a little while.  Easier said than done, I have a goal of a 225# bench sometime this year and I'm itching to get at it.

The chest workout was followed by Hammer Strength Shoulder Presses and Hammer Strength Lateral Raises.  I have to be very conservative and careful doing these so as not to aggravate the torn cartilage in my rotator cuff.  It hasn't been giving me any trouble lately, other than a minor ache every now and then, and I'd like to keep it that way.  I think that strengthening the surrounding muscles will help to keep it more stable.

Finishing with arms, only triceps this time, I did Hammer Strength Tricep Pushdowns, and Pushdowns on the cable system.  Again, the workout ended on the Hammer Strength Ab machine.  I'm crunching my fat ass off, or I guess I should say my fat abs off.

Cardio done the same as Sunday, 30 minutes on the treadmill with a fat burn/cardio interval session.

I repeated my Sunday workout on Wednesday.  I had wanted to do another Chest workout on Thursday, along with more treadmill and some running/walking outside at the beach, but the intensity and length of the training sessions at the Bonefish Grill were getting the better of me. (more on that in my other blog).

As it is, I'm happy with my first week results in spite of not hitting all my goals.  According to the Lifestyle "LifeCenter" I did manage to lose 2 pounds, my BMI dropped .3 points and my percentage of body fat went down .36 so all in all, it was a pretty good week.

My goals stay the same this week, 4 times at the gym for strength and cardio sessions, and at least two extra days of outside walking and running.  I've got goals to reach this year and I'm not going to be denied.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Initial Analysis at the Gym

My first visit to the gym was for an appointment with a personal trainer to assess my fitness levels and for her to help me decide what course of action to take to get the results that I am hoping for.   Tania is a very fit, very pretty young woman, and being that I fancy myself at least somewhat knowledgeable about health and fitness, even though I have been slacking lately, I find her to also be very knowledgeable herself as she puts me through my initial screening. 

My BP is good, 120/80 but I knew that, I am on Blood Pressure and Cholesterol meds, which I'm hoping to be able to cut back on if I get to a healthier, more fit state!  Weight, at the gym, 192#, but hey! I just ate and have clothes on too, am I really that heavy?? 

My BMI reads an outlandish 29.7 which according to the charts puts me at overweight and very near obese!!  How upsetting!!  But Tania settles me down and assures me that this index is not an exact science and does not take into account fat vs muscle in the body.  She says that her BMI is also very high.  That is very reassuring because trust me, looking at her, not an extra ounce of fat to be seen on this girl, so I relax, just a little.

Next we measure Percentage of Body Fat.  I begin to get nervous again.  I really have been turning into a bit of a "dickydoo" lately, LOL.  The reading comes up as a very respectable 20.36%  According to most of the statistics I've seen, normal range for a man my age is 18 to 25 percent.  Tania strokes me a little by telling me that I fall into the Good to Excellent range.  I'm lovin' this girl more all the time!!

Now we move to the gym floor and she assesses my form and balance.  I stand straight as she walks around me, checking out my posture, I do a few squats with no weight, stand on one foot, eyes open, which is no problem, my balance isn't bad for an old man.  Then she says OK, now try it with your eyes closed!  I know I'm in trouble at this point because when I was taking Yoga classes at the beach after first moving to Florida we used to try to do the same thing.  It hasn't changed!  I can't stay balanced for more than a few seconds without almost falling over.

The assessment is complete.  Tania says I stand with my shoulders rounded slightly and need to work on strengthening my Traps and Lats, and go easy on chest exercises until I attain better balance between my back and chest.  I chuckle and tell her that every man wants to max out with his bench press, and that's what I had been doing at home on my Smith Machine.  She whacks me in the arm and says to just listen to her and lay off the heavy bench for a while.

Off we go to start a light workout.  First stop is the Hammer Isolated Low Row Machine.  She goes first, shows me proper form, and not to be a dirty old lech, but her form really is quite proper!!  I do 2 sets of twelve under her guidance and can see why proper form is more important than heavy weight.  The pulling in the traps I feel while maintaining proper form tells me that those muscles are getting a great workout.

Next is a Seated Row, which I am used to doing on my Smith Machine at home.  Form is good, couple of sets and on to the High Rope Row.  This one I'm not familiar with, and the positioning involved really does bring the core into play to maintain proper balance and form.  We're going through the exercises pretty quickly and I'm already beginning to feel a nice burn.  Standing Cable Rows and Cable Chest Presses, both of which I've never done before, finish up my first strength training session.  Tania and I part, and I hit the treadmill to get a half hour of cardio work in.

In all this whole routine from analysis to finishing with cardio took about an hour and twenty minutes.  Once I get into the groove of working out by myself I believe that I'll be able to get in a good strength workout in 45 minutes to an hour.  I will still do most of my cardio by pedaling my bicycle and running outside.   Running on a treadmill can never replace the feeling I get when I get in a good run along the beach or on the intracoastal waterway.  My only concern at this point is will my knees be able to hold up to the stresses of running again.  I always felt great when I was running 40 to 50 miles a week, and a 10 mile run was always the most exhilarating for me.  I'd be happy if I could get to the point where I could run 30 miles a week again. 4 - 6 - 4 -6 - 10 would be fantastic.  We shall see what happens.  At the very least, I WILL RUN A 10k with my son and daughter in 2012, I GUARANTEE IT!!!

I do feel really good about the gym and I have one more session with Tania to go over whatever other exercises she recommends.  As a matter of fact, I'm off to see that little darlin' right now.

I'll be back!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let the Games Begin!!!

One month shy of one year ago I decided to renew my health and fitness lifestyle. It obviously did not last because today I find myself making that same decision.

So why should this year be different? 

Unlike last year, this year I actually feel bad both physically and emotionally. I haven't felt this yucky in a very long time, probably not since 1991. I had gone to the Hopewell track with Jan, who was doing fitness walking, to walk and while there I tried to run a quarter mile. I was huffing and puffing after 100 yards and realized that at 38 I was a complete toad.  So I vowed then to make the necessary changes in my lifestyle to become more healthy and fit.  It worked too, I maintained a healthy and fit existence for almost 20 years going so far as to run marathons, 4 in all, which I am still very proud of having accomplished considering that, depending where you get the information, it is believed that approximately only .1% to 2% of the worlds population has ever completed a 26.2 mile race.

Now though, at 58 I feel almost the same way as I did at 38, no, actually I feel even worse! I have been pedaling to the beach at the park near my house (1.5 miles to be exact) almost every day for the last 3 months. I stop, do a few Sun Salutations, my favorite stretching exercise, then walk/run around the .65 loop of the park. I am only able to run no more than 3 or 4 tenths of a mile before I am winded and have to slow down to a walk again. Besides gasping for air, my legs, from the knees down, feel like cement blocks attached where my calves should be!

But even more disturbing is the fact that I just don't feel healthy in general.  I left my job at the Tiki Bar in August and haven't really worked since, and I believe the lack of any real structure in my daily routine, other than the little bit of exercising every morning, has caused a bit of depression.  I work out, but then spend the rest of the day doing almost nothing.  Sitting at the computer, watching T.V., generally just being a lazy ass.

That is all about to change.  I was in Pennsylvania early in the fall visiting my son, then I spent Thanksgiving with my daughter, and I saw how hard they both workout.  They both have, and USE their gym memberships, and seem to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.  I'd like to believe that my commitment to health and fitness as they were growing up had something to do with them making the decision to pursue fitness the same way.  Now though, they have challenged me to make good on a challenge that I proposed to them years ago.  I always told them that some day I wanted to run a 10k race with the two of them.  They never took me up on the idea.... until now!!

Since moving to Florida we have tried to get together to attend a Steeler game every season.  As yet the three of us haven't been able to work it out.  One year Joey and I made it to a Tampa Bay / Green Bay game, last year he and I did the STEELERS / Tampa Bay and Jenna and I saw the STEELERS / Miami, and this year I just got back from seeing the STEELERS / Chiefs with her.  She has suggested that next season the three of us get together for a STEELER game somewhere where we can also run a 10k the same weekend.

So, the gauntlet has been thrown down and I am going to start a serious lifestyle change so that we can accomplish this fete.  I have joined a gym myself, Lifestyle Fitness Center, just 1.8 miles from my house.  Starting tomorrow I pedal THERE instead of to the beach.  I also start working again at the new Bonefish Grill in the same Plaza as the fitness center, so I won't just be working out then coming home and sitting on my ass anymore.  CHANGE IS IN THE AIR!!!

I am considering putting a few "before" pictures on this blog, but I'm not sure my vanity will allow me to let anyone see me as I look right now, but who knows, perhaps I'll lose my modesty and post 'em anyway.

Let the Games Begin!!!!